Show Time / by David Faragalli

It's been a while since I'd taken shots of live performances at comedy shows or concerts. Last night, I had the pleasure of taking pictures of Central Stage Theatre's production of The Spitfire Grill at the Best Western Hotel in Silverdale, WA.


Every time I shoot at a show like this, I try to stay away from the front and focus more on being side stage or back stage. I love playing with the harsh lighting using negative space to my advantage.

The negative space really pushes the observer to the actors and gives it a bit of mystery. I love how portions of the actors disappear into the negative space.

From the side of the stage, I can get a glimpse of something the audience doesn't see or at least I get to see it from a much different perspective, like my very own floating seat in the show. I become part of the cast and if I do my job right, not part of the scenery.

My favorite part of these types of shoots is the glow effect the front stage lights put on the actors and parts of the set. Sometimes I get it with enough ambient light to retain facial features. Other times, I get just the glow serving as an outline to something you can't really see. Either result is super cool to me and a lot more interesting!

I'm not afraid to shoot into the lights and have some fun with any glare that is in the shot. To me, that gives it more of the live feeling and creates some fun effects you can't produce from the front of the stage.

(I've been a Board Director at Central Stage Theatre since November of 2016.)